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Preferences for redistribution in Latin America

  • We examine Latin Americans' redistributive preferences using a unique survey in eight LAC countries. The study sheds new light on which aspects of redistribution are more popular among people and among which groups.


  • We evaluate the respective roles of self-interest, biased perceptions, individual values, and the relationship with the public sphere underlying preferences for redistribution.


  • We find high support to broadly defined questions about redistribution and tax progressivity. Yet, this support weakens when respondents are confronted with specific taxes and transfers.


  • The social contract in Latin America is fractured: the perception of government and elite corruption is rampant, and there is a strong sense of mistrust among citizens. This hampers support for social programs that help the most vulnerable.


  • Despite corruption concerns, a significant fraction of the respondents have not given up on the state. 80% believe in the government's capacity to reduce inequality of opportunities

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