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The Review is overseen by a panel of fifteen researchers led by Orazio Attanasio, Ana de la O, Francisco Ferreira, Sonya Krutikova and Julian Messina. It is co-hosted and co-sponsored by the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics; the Inter-American Development Bank; the Institute for Fiscal Studies; and Yale University.

Panel Members


Ana María Ibáñez

Inter-American Development Bank

Andres_Velasco 400x400

Andrés Velasco

London School of Economics and Political Science

Facundo Alvaredo (300x300)

Facundo Alvaredo

Paris School of Economics and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales


Florencia Torche

Stanford University

Francisco H. G. Ferreira (300x300)

Francisco H. G. Ferreira

London School of Economics and Political Science

François Bourguignon (300x300)

François Bourguignon

Paris School of Economics

Julián Messina (300x300)

Julián Messina

Universidad de Alicante

Marcela Eslava (300x300)

Marcela Eslava

Universidad de Los Andes

Nora Lustig (300x300)

Nora Lustig

Tulane University


Raquel Fernandez

New York University

Richard Blundell (300x300)

Richard Blundell

University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

Santiago Levy (300x300)

Santiago Levy

Brookings Institution

Sonya Krutikova (300x300)

Sonya Krutikova

Institute for Fiscal Studies


Valentina Contreras

Valentina Contreras

The London School of Economics and Political Science


Valentina Papú

The London School of Economics and Political Science

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