Inés Berniell in La Nacion: The causes that explain gender gaps in employment and their evolution over time

In a recent article in the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, LACIR author Inés Berniell, alongside her colleagues María Edo and Mariana Marchionni, delve into the causes explaining gender gaps in employment and their evolution over time. They discuss the insights from this year's Nobel Laureate in Economics, Claudia Goldin, on the differences in career trajectories between men and women, and reflect on the implications of these findings for Latin America. The discussions echo Inés Berniell's forthcoming LACIR chapter on gender inequality in Latin America, which is set to be publicly available later this year.

Check out the insightful piece (written in Spanish) in La Nacion here and stay tuned for the upcoming publication of the LACIR chapter!

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